Saturday, 6 April 2013

Is Agent Jadoo still there or was it just a Hoax?

It was not long ago that a new software for monitoring illegal distribution of Malayalam movies through the world wide web made into the news. But since the initial controversies, "Agent Jadoo" has entered into a state of "hibernation" and has not been in news lately. The software which claimed to be capable of detecting the download of files which have been uploaded illegally into torrent websites was a Government of Kerala undertaking to contain movie piracy.
But considering the way it has gone down in news, one might start doubting if it was all just a hoax, something to generate fear in user's heart. The doubt arises because there are still newly released movies available in the internet and people are still downloading them, and nobody even cares now. But our sources tell us that "Agent Jadoo" is not a Hoax and has in fact been successful.

Ok. So we know that the software exists,but does it have the ability to do what it claims? Because if it does, then how is it able to track a person who has downloaded a file from torrentz which uses peer-to-peer download and the data is distributed all around the world into different computers? It seems impossible, but the development team says it is possible. News is that it was developed by a team of students from an Engineering college and that they have signed a "non-disclosure" agreement with the government about the software. 

Whatever it is, one thing is sure, that the so called "Agent" is now in hibernation and is not busy doing whatever it is supposed to do.

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