Saturday, 6 April 2013

Google's monopoly in search engine world on the edge ?

The titan of the IT world, Google has it's name in synonym with the word "search" since the beginning of the 21st century. People say "google it" rather than "search the internet". That much is the monopoly Google possess over the internet and the users. But with the advent of the mobile computing era, it is evident that google will definitely have to re-adjust it's strategies if they wanna hold onto their monopoly.
In a smartphone world, people rely on specific apps for specific needs. There was a time when people had to rely on google to find anything and everything ranging from the name of an actress in a particular movie to information about a historical person for example. But nowadays people know that they can go to the imdb website and know every detail of and actor who casted in  a movie, or they can go to wiki and search for anyone or any place on earth. They don't need to rely on a mediator like google for their needs when they already know these "curated websites" with large databases.

Google has survived microsoft's heavily-funded efforts to change the word "google it" to "bing it", but they might lose the war if they don't look more into mobile platforms. Recently facebook has announced that it will be launching a new software for Android phones which will turn the phone literally into a "facebook phone". Facebook has seen the future of social networking and has shifted their approach, which is also evident from the fact that they have made the timeline feature available in phone browsers.

When users are heavily relying on curated apps for their needs, it is no surprise that Google saw a 3 % decline in their web searches in the second half of last year, while the vertical searches saw a rise of 8% in the mean time! Rather than googling, people now use these curated apps for their needs.

Google is still the giant of internet as of now, but for how long is something that we have to wait and watch.


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